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Take our 5 minute health assessment to get started on a journey towards elevated health and vitality. Those goals you’ve had for years? This is how you’ll finally achieve them.

Supplements Made Simple

Liv Makes Taking Supplements Foolproof

Take the five minute assessment and let Liv Health create a personalized supplement plan that suits your goals and your lifestyle. With just a few clicks, we’ll determine what will work best for you, and we’ll ship it right to you! We take out the guesswork, while saving you time, energy and money!

Each daily packet will contain the nutrients your Liv Doctor has determined will elevate your health and help you reach your goals. We recommend only the highest quality vitamins and supplements, so you can rest assured that they’re potent and effective. 

Meet Our Team

Dr. Heather Smith-Fernandez

Regenerative Medicine
Biocellular Aesthetics
Preventative Health

Dr. Bob Harding

Integrated Medicine
Functional Medicine
Age Management

Dr. Elizabeth Yurth

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Bioidentical HRT
Nutrition Optimization

Dr. Josh Trutt

Age Optimization
Age Management Medicine
Cellular Health Optimization
Bioidentical HRT


This assessment gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to our team, and allows them to collect the information they need to get you started.


Are you already taking supplements that you’re happy with? We’ve made our collection of top-quality supplements available for purchase so you can upgrade your experience. 


You’re intrigued, but you want some more information? No problem – we’ve put together a breakdown of our process and answered some frequently asked questions…

Having support makes
all the difference…

You want to get healthy – we know that because you’re here now. Perhaps you’re like the many, many people we’ve helped that had tried to reach their goals on their own, but weren’t getting the results despite their best efforts.

Having support from our trained professionals makes Liv Health different…

About your
Health Assessment

In just a few minutes, you could be a few steps into your journey to elevated health and wellbeing.
  • Initial assessment

    After providing answers in our carefully constructed quiz, we’ll be well positioned to show you the best supplements for you based on your goals as determined by our team of experts!

  • Care you deserve from doctors who listen

    At Liv, we’re dedicated to providing our patients with the very best in health care. From our world-renowned practitioners to our integrative practices, we’re selective in our process – so you don’t have to be.

  • Optimize your health

    Whether your goals are focused on weight management, muscle building, hormone balancing, cognitive function, skincare & aesthetics, sexual function, etc. our team will put your assessments to work to create the ideal program for you - and support you every step of the way

Health Assessment Quiz

After providing us with the information that makes you uniquely you, our team of health experts will assess your needs and determine your individualized supplement plan.

Your Personalized Supplement Plan

Our medical team will provide you with a simple, easy to understand supplement plan for your wellness journey. These recommendations will be based on your goals, your lifestyle and your current medications/supplements.

Take action!

Once you’ve confirmed your personalized supplement routine, complete the simple checkout process! Within a few days, your LIV Health personalized supplement packs will arrive on your doorstep. Just tear and go!

The LIV Health Promise

At LIV Health, we’re dedicated to giving the highest quality of supplements, to the right people, in the right amounts. We believe in making supplements accessible and easy to understand so that our members live life to its fullest potential.

Every LIV Health Product comes with a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee, so you’re never at risk! We’re here to help you succeed and we put your happiness first.

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