Amazing Juicing For Weight Loss: 7 Juices That Help Burn Fat

Burn fat and maximize the results of your diet and exercise programs by trying juicing for weight loss. Here are seven of the best juice drinks to get you started.

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Juicing for Weight Loss: 7 Drinks You Can Start With

1. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate is a fruit-bearing shrub originating from Northern India and Iran. Its leaves and fruit are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that boost metabolism and fat.

Pomegranate-ACV Weight Loss Drink Recipe

Pomegranate juice can speed up fat loss by boosting your metabolism. Meanwhile, apple cider vinegar can suppress your appetite and make you feel full faster.

What's the Age Of Our Bodies?


  1. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one shot of pomegranate juice with 250-350 ml of cold water.
  2. For best results, drink two glasses every day, one before breakfast and another before dinner.

2. Orange Juice

Oranges contain few calories. They’re considered catabolic foods, which means you can use the fruit’s juice for weight loss and as an alternative to high-calorie drinks.

Catabolic Foods Definition: These are foods that contain fewer calories than the body needs to digest. For example, if a food option has 10 calories and the body expends 15 calories to digest it, then it can be considered a catabolic food.

Ginger-Orange Juice Detox Drink Recipe

Ginger has been shown to suppress obesity, boost metabolism, and reduce bloating. Also, similar to oranges, it has few calories.


  1. Peel four small oranges, divide them per section and then throw them in the blender along with a three-inch stick of ginger. Pulse until the ingredients form a smooth, rich texture.
  2. Next, pour 300 ml of water to the mixture and then pulse again.
  3. You can add one tablespoon of honey to make it taste a bit sweeter.

3. Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice on table | Amazing Juicing For Weight Loss: Juices That Help Burn Fat | juicing for weight loss | healthiest juice
Cabbage is rich in fiber.

Cabbage juice is a great addition to your diet plan when juicing for weight loss because it’s rich in fiber. This can help you reduce bloating, ease indigestion, eliminate waste, and suppress appetite and cravings.

Apple, Cabbage, and Lime Weight Loss Shake Recipe

The only downside to drinking cabbage juice is it might taste a bit bland, sometimes even bitter.

If you’re not into that, you can try adding a few apple slices and lemon wedges to your drink. Doing so makes your drink taste zestier while keeping its calorie count to a minimum.

Also, they contain loads of antioxidants that can help flush out harmful toxins from the body. This complements the waste-reducing effects of fiber.


  1. Pulse five slices of apple and half a head of cabbage until they form a smooth mixture.
  2. Next, slice one whole lemon and squeeze its juices into the mixture.
  3. Mix with 250 ml of cold water and then serve.

4. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice is a delicious, refreshing drink that virtually doesn’t add anything to your daily calorie consumption. A cup of plain cucumber juice only has around 15 calories.

While it may be low in calories, do not underestimate its overall nutrient density. It’s rich in magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C, all of which are vital in burning fat and repairing damaged cells.

Also, it’s high water and fiber content makes you feel full a lot faster, so you can use it as a meal filler or healthy snack.

Summertime Minty Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

You can use this refreshing summertime drink any time you want for a quick energy boost and toxin cleanse. What makes this juice drink so good is the fact that all its ingredients can help you reduce the amount you eat.

Mint curbs your cravings, lemon juice promotes a feeling of fullness, and cucumber suppresses your appetite while flushing out toxins.


  1. Take a handful of mint leaves, half a cucumber, and half a lemon’s juice and blend until they all merge together.
  2. This is best served chilled or over ice.
  3. Gym-goers can add one cup of spinach to their cucumber-lemon drink for added protein.

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5. Carrot Juice

Carrots are delicious, healthy veggies rich in fiber and are composed of about 88% water. Even though plain carrot juice only has around 25 calories, drinking a tall glass of it can still make you full.

It also stimulates the secretion of bile, a fluid that aids in digestion and converts fatty cells into ones that burn fat. It’s stored in the gallbladder and produced by the liver.

Zesty Apple, Orange, and Carrot Juice Drink Recipe

When juicing for weight loss, you can enjoy this delicious drink as a healthy snack in between meals. Its fiber and water content keeps your cravings at bay, so you don’t end up snacking on junk food.


Pulse half an orange, one apple, and one carrot in a blender then serve over ice.

6. Pineapple Juice

pineapple juice and pineapple slice on a wooden table | Amazing Juicing For Weight Loss: Juices That Help Burn Fat | juicing for weight loss | healthy food recipes to lose weight
Pineapples are very low in calories.

Pineapple juice is rich in bromelain, an enzyme that burns excess body fat, curbs cravings, and metabolizes protein. Similar to cucumber and oranges, pineapples are catabolic foods, and 100 grams of it only has 50 calories.

Refreshing Apple-Pineapple Juice Drink Recipe

The antioxidants in apples help flush out harmful toxins and waste from the body. Meanwhile, the pineapple can help burn stubborn body fat and suppress appetite.


  1. Pulse 1/4 of a pineapple and one whole apple until it forms a smooth, rich texture.
  2. Serve chilled or over ice.

7. Amla Juice

The amla berry is a native fruit in South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. It has a zesty, astringent taste with slight hints of bitterness.

What makes the alma berry juice a good weight loss drink is it helps burn fat faster by boosting metabolism. Also, it can spike energy levels and give the power you need to conquer your tasks for the day.

Amla Berry-Honey Detox Juice Recipe

It’s best to drink your amla juice in the morning while your stomach is empty. Doing so allows you to maximize its metabolism- and energy-boosting effects.

It also has powerful antioxidants that help flush out the toxins accumulated in your body.


  1. Mix in 2-3 tablespoons of amla juice with 250 ml of cold water.
  2. Add a tablespoon of honey to mask the bitter notes with sweetness.

These are just some of the drinks and recipes you can include in your juice diet plan. Feel free to explore all your available options.

You can even combine your favorite ones to create your own line of juicing recipes for weight loss.

Keep in mind that drinking healthy juices alone won’t be enough to get rid of unwanted fats. For best results, make sure you combine it with healthy dieting and regular exercise.

Have you started juicing for weight loss? Share your favorite recipes with us in the comments section below!

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