Peptides For Fat Loss And Muscle Building

Not all proteins are the same. Peptides for fat loss and muscle building focus on the production of growth hormones. Know more about them below.

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  1. What Are Peptides?
  2. Where Do Peptides Come From?
  3. Bodybuilding and the Effects of Peptides
  4. Best Peptides for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Is Using Peptides for Fat Loss and Muscle Building Effective?

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are chains of amino acids that build up protein.

Generally, peptides and hormones are used by patients suffering from diseases related to growth hormone deficiency to keep their condition from leading to poor bone density, a leaky gut, or inflammatory conditions.

Today, with the rise of the fitness industry, various fitness buffs have started using peptides for fat loss and muscle gain as well. It’s no longer exclusive to patients suffering from hormone deficiencies.

Where Do Peptides Come From?

The body naturally produces peptides on a daily basis. In fact, there are more than 7,000 known peptides in the human body and every single one has a different function.

Peptides in the body are responsible for muscle growth, weight gain, skin elasticity, protein synthesis, and wound healing, among others.

Bodybuilding and the Effects of Peptides

Since the dawn of bodybuilding, athletes have always looked for new ways to improve their physique. Not only did they use peptides for fat loss and muscle building purposes, but they also explored other supplements such as growth hormone secretagogues, which affected their muscle cells and human growth hormone levels.

Growth Hormone Secretagogues Definition: Synthetic versions of the human growth hormone (HGH)

However, not long after, the government banned the use of performance-enhancing drugs, both for competitive and recreational purposes. After that, athletes who wanted to experiment with HGH had to get their supply from the black market.

But in recent times, brands have started creating legal steroids, hormones, and peptides supplements for bodybuilding and fat loss.

Also, modern bodybuilders and health buffs no longer solely focus on massive muscle gain. Some focus on fat burning, others prioritize strength training, while most just want to lower their abdominal fat levels.

So today’s supplements aren’t really as harsh and harmful as the ones marketed in the early 60s.

Best Peptides for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Which peptides for fat loss and muscle building actually work? Here are some of the best growth hormone-releasing peptides (GHRH) available on the market:

1. BPC-157

BPC-157 is a type of peptide that heals and treats broken ligaments, cells, tissues, and muscles. It helps bring your body back to its pre-workout condition.

Fast muscle recovery doesn’t just mean you can hit the gym much faster. It also helps prevent minor and serious injuries that might affect your overall performance.

For maximum benefits, make sure you take the right post-recovery workout supplements as well. Protein, amino acids, and carbohydrates are some nutrients your body needs.

Importance: When it comes to muscle growth and development, rest and recovery are just as important as the workout itself. That’s why athletes need to consume the right nutrients that help their muscles recover faster.

Side Effects: As of writing, there are no reported side effects of BPC-157.

2. CJC 1295-DAC

CJC 1295-DAC is one of the best growth hormone-releasing peptides available on the market. Its main purpose is to boost your IGF-1 and HGH levels.

IGF-1 Definition: Short for insulin-like growth factor-1; works with HGH to promote bone and tissue development

Importance: Hormones play a major role in fat loss and muscle building. That’s precisely why bodybuilders do everything they can to break down their hormones and uncover how they regulate the production manually.

Side Effects: Some users reported itchiness and redness on the part where they injected the syringe. Other possible side effects include nausea, headaches, and vomiting.

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3. FTTP (Fat Targeted Proapoptotic Peptide)

FTTP or adipotide is perhaps one of the best peptides for fat loss. It helps lower body fat levels by specifically targeting the underlying cause of weight gain: fat cells.

What FTTP does is attack white fat cells’ vascular system and cut off their blood supply. Just like any other cell in the body, fat cells die when their blood supply is taken away.

Importance: FTTP is ideal for bodybuilders who’ve reached a plateau because FTTP attacks fat cells specifically. These aren’t something you can target through dieting and exercising alone.

Side Effects: The most common side effects of FTTP are kidney failure and dehydration. This is primarily because bodybuilders push themselves to the limit and cut back on their water consumption just to lose weight.

It might help you reach a new level of vascularity, but it’s a very dangerous practice that everyone should avoid. Make sure you drink enough water even when you’re cutting.

4. ACE-031

The main purpose of ACE-031 isn’t to stimulate muscle growth or fat loss, but rather, to control the production of muscle mass-limiting proteins such as myostatin. Results were promising when a study on overweight females showed that month-long usage lead to a one-pound increase in their thigh weight and a 3% overall increase in lean body mass.

Importance: Muscle growth-inhibiting proteins aren’t harmful, but they could stop you from reaching your full potential. If you feel like you’ve been having trouble gaining mass recently, then taking ACE-031 might resolve the issue.

Side Effects: A study conducted on young boys suffering from muscle dystrophy showed that some patients ended up with gum and nose bleeds.

5. GHRP-6

Rather than targeting muscle and fat cells, GHRP-6 focuses on boosting the natural production of HGH in the body.

This peptide imitates the effects of gherlin, a hormone that stimulates HGH production. The body often produces gherlin when it’s hungry, so remember to take GHRP-6 in a fasted state.

Importance: By taking GHRP-6 while fasting, you maximize the fat loss effects of your diet while compensating for muscle loss. That way, you can lower your overall body fat without sacrificing lean muscle mass in the process.

Side Effects: Some athletes cannot handle the combination of fasting and taking peptides. They suffer from common starvation symptoms such as headaches, dehydration, and visual impairment.

To avoid these symptoms, make sure not to force the body to go longer than it can without eating.

The main thing to remember if you want to start using peptides for fat loss or muscle gain is you should only do so in moderation.

Overloading the body with hormones won’t make it grow faster. Rather, it’ll only lead to nasty side effects that might even cause permanent damage.

Also, make sure you follow a strict, healthy diet and an effective workout program. Keep in mind that supplements can only help you so far in achieving your fitness goals.

Have you tried using peptides for fat loss or muscle mass building? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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