Aging is Optional

Welcome to the leading virtual clinic for personalized wellness & the prevention of age-related disease

Defining the Future of Healthcare

As experts in health optimization, we create personalized wellness plans that target the whole patient, rather than just a symptom. Our patient portal provides 24/7 access to chat with your medical team, schedule appointments, and view your physician-formulated protocol from the comfort of your own home.

You Are A Category Of One

Take a seat, your team is waiting. Optimize your biochemical individuality and discover how beautiful life can really be. Our process utilizes cutting-edge diagnostic testing to discover your unique path to optimization.

What We Optimize

Weight Management
Achieve or maintain an ideal, healthy body weight in a timely and sustainable way with help from our licensed physicians.
Sexual Function & Wellness
Experience the pleasure of a healthy sex-life with FDA-approved and effective treatments.
Cognitive Function
Enhance your mental performance with treatments to increase focus and concentration.
Growth Hormones
Correct growth hormone deficiency to enhance muscle mass, increase bone density and slow the aging process.
Skin Health
Prevent and reverse signs of aging with tailored cosmeceuticals to enhance your skin’s appearance.
With help from experts in anti-aging medicine, you can choose to age at your own pace.
Muscle Building
Improve exercise performance with expert help in building and maintaining muscle mass.
Immune Health
Build your best defense against illness with immune-boosting treatments to promote a strong and healthy immune system.

"We are proud to say that Liv is the result of patients and physicians coming together to create a better model of care.

Our unique online portal makes patient collaboration seamless, convenient and secure. This consistency of care when combined with the latest analytics, enables patients to make the right decisions at the right times.

We believe prevention is better than any cure. Simply being disease free is not healthy. Optimal wellbeing and longevity are what we Liv for."

A Message From Our Founders

Physicians In The Spotlight

At Liv HEALTH, you’re not just another name on a chart. Our physicians take their time with every patient, ensuring their needs are addressed at the root cause, using a personalized, whole-body approach. 

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