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As experts in health optimization, we create personalized wellness plans that target the whole patient, rather than just a symptom. Our patient portal provides 24/7 access to chat with your medical team, schedule appointments, and view your physician-formulated protocol from the comfort of your own home.

You Are A Category Of One

Take a seat, your team is waiting. Optimize your biochemical individuality and discover how beautiful life can really be. Our process utilizes cutting-edge diagnostic testing to discover your unique path to optimization.

"Liv HEALTH was created to provide a better path to healing, integrating ancient wisdom and modern science with epigenetics and common sense."

- A Message From Our CEO

Effective Medicine

Our best-in-class medical professionals are available nationwide. We understand that the path to true optimized wellness is through patient-focused, personalized care. Schedule a call with one of our Liv Concierge's to learn more about their clinical areas of expertise and commitment to holistic personalized medicine.

Dr. Heather has been a lifesaver for me! She actually takes the time to go in-depth on every aspect of my health to figure out how to get me closer to my goals. I feel like I’m 30 again, my mind is clearer than ever, and I’ve lost 10 lbs and counting!

– Annie R. Florida 

Physicians In The Spotlight

At Liv HEALTH, you’re not just another name on a chart. Our physicians take their time with every patient, ensuring their needs are addressed at the root cause, using a personalized, whole-body approach. 

Dr. Heather Smith-Fernandez

Regenerative Medicine 
Biocellular Aesthetics
Preventative Health

Dr. Bob Harding

Integrated Medicine
Functional Medicine
Age Management 

Dr. Elizabeth Yurth

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Bioidentical HRT
Nutrition Optimization

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