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Live to 100 +
Sharpen Cognitive & Mental Acuity
Increase HRV
Increase Thermogenesis & Burn Fat
Workout Smarter, Not Harder
Look 10 Years Younger
Increase Health Span
Restart Your Metabolism
Boost Sexual Drive & Performance
Enhance the Gut Microbiome
Optimize biomarkers
Reduce Risk for Age Related Disease
Improve Restorative Sleep
Increased Energy
Feel 25 Again
Improve Circadian Rhythm
Enhance Productivity & Motivation
Strengthen Immunity
Hack your Biology
Grow Lean Muscle, Fight Fat
Have More Pleasurable Sex
Enhance Athletic Performance
Supercharge Your Creative Genius
Activate Autophagy

Longevity Medicine via personalized health strategies.

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How It Works

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How We Do It

As experts in health optimization, we utilize the latest advances in diagnostic testing to discover your biochemical individuality and then use that intelligence to curate a personalized wellness plan specifically for you. Liv Health is not here to replace primary care physicians or to simply treat symptoms. We are individualized, concierge well-care founded on the principles that prevention is better than any cure. There is not a one size fits all approach to medicine.

Our care team designs custom protocols tailored to the individual with interventions to address Mindset, Exercise, Sleep, Hormones, Nutrition, & Gut. We are data-driven, tech-enabled, personalized wellness…from the comfort of your home.

“We are proud to say that Liv is the result of patients and physicians coming together to create a better model of care. Our unique online portal makes patient collaboration seamless, convenient and secure. This consistency of care when combined with the latest analytics, enables patients to make the right decisions at the right times. We believe prevention is better than any cure. Simply being disease-free is not healthy. Optimal wellbeing and longevity are what we Liv for.”

– CEO, Dustin Cappelletto

Verified Member Testimonials

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Team is intelligent, supportive, and responsive. The team and doctors at Liv Health are intelligent, supportive, and responsive. Because of the nature of my job, I am frequently traveling for long periods of time in another country and they have made my experience and seamless and enjoyable one. I couldn't recommend enough. In addition, my health has continued to improve every week because of their concierge support and evidence-based treatment. I spent 3 years with another clinic in NYC and in only 3 months of switching to Liv Health, my results are dramatically different.

Fred Entizne

I’m a mid 40’s age RN with crazy shifts. Experienced fatigue, uncontrolled cravings, weight gain, and sleep issues. Went through a few Mds, got lost in the big healthcare machine. Took a chance with LIV and in less than a year changed life. Personal Concierge and team dedicated to you, meaningful labs, frequent/convenient zoom appts, and education about your health that leads to long term meaningful change. In 9 months my labs are dialed in, significant increase in lean muscle mass, and uncontrolled cravings are gone. I have the energy I had in my 20’s-30’s and know so much more about health, longevity, my body, and wellness than I could imagine. LIV is light in the dark healthcare machine.

Libby Taylor

I was having terrible night sweats, couldn’t sleep and was steady gaining weight. Lab work showed numerous borderline issues. After getting on a regimen with Liv health I’m no longer having night sweats, lost 15 pounds and sleeping much better. Just had new labs done so I can’t wait to see the results. Thank you for making my life so much better.


Happy with the attentiveness and results. Cheers!

John Champion

Simply the most reasonable and cost effective functional medicine platform that exists. I've chased health issues and spent many thousands of dollars over the last 5 years looking for help. I've finally stopped the search. Liv health gives me everything I need to live long and healthy and simply to feel good every single day.

Paul Sandoval

Liv Health is a great concept. The one-on-one experience allows me to build a relationship of trust with my team, their availability is way above expectations, and I know I can trust my health concierge to be knowledgeable about my options to optimize my health based on my needs. This is a level up from everyday healthcare 🙂

Kim Reeder

LIV Health and their incredible team gave me my health back after years of mismanagement by my local healthcare system. I am finally living my life pain free and haven't felt this good in years. The care, knowledge and support they give is by far the best you will receive and is well worth the investment.

Dan DeBaun

Liv Health has been a great foundation in assisting reach my health and fitness goals. Access to great supplements is only part of it, but it's more the one on one consultations from experts like Andrew that I truly appreciate. I've been exercising and living a healthy lifestyle for 25+ years and have spent a great deal of those years researching and using all sorts of herbs and supplements while adjusting diet etc. It's nice to be able to learn new ideas and supplement strategies from someone who has the same passion as I do. It also helps when that person (Andrew in this case) combines a formal education along with the experience of working with dozens and dozens of clients. Would highly recommend if serious about your health and longevity.

Steve Scott

I'm very pleased with the Liv Health model. My concierge is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of health and is very accessible. Liv Health is helping me dial things in so that I can perform at my best.

John Thornton

As a personalized wellness and health optimization telemed clinic, Liv Health has knocked it out of the park. Had no idea what to expect, I've never used a specialty telemedicine clinic before. However, my experience with the Liv Health Team has been informative, painless and the patient support is nothing short of exceptional. They walk you through the best in integrative wellness initiatives and treatments for chronic disease prevention, optimizing my unique health goals and ensure your protocols have been personalized to achieve your exact needs. They even have personalized supplements which make it such an easy addition to get everything I need in one place. Couldn't recommend the patient care team and experience enough! With top integrative health docs, ease of accessibility and a great patient care team - they enable you to Liv optimized. Great for my busy schedule and my health.

Alex Reeder

I first came to LIV after working with another telemedicine provider. I had consultations with numerous different providers before choosing LIV. I was looking for more. More knowledge, more experience, more options and most importantly, more communication. I found all that and more with LIV. Having recently lost my dad to heart and kidney disease, I was determined to make some lifestyle changes. Beyond just losing some weight, I really wanted to start thinking about longevity and quality of life. Then Covid hit. I needed wisdom and guidance to navigate this new world. Working with the practitioners at LIV has been amazing. The attention to detail and customer service is over the top. LIV has given me peace of mind and confidence in this crazy time. It's like having your own personal wellness team on call 24/7! What better to invest in than your health!

Michael H.

I’ve been on a protocol for about 3 months now, and I feel fantastic! Endless energy and never thought I would be able to keep adding muscle at my age!

Brooke C.

My concierge has been 24/7 my accountability partner. I love being able to to make a phone call and get the questions I have answered anytime.

Daniel B.

Just a little note to say thank you - 18 days in, and this [program] is phenomenal. I feel 20 years younger. Lifting weights is a blast - I can't get over how much more strength and endurance I have in such a short time.

Annie R.

Dr. Heather has been a lifesaver for me! She actually takes the time to go in-depth on every aspect of my health to figure out how to get me closer to my goals. I feel like I’m 30 again, my mind is clearer than ever, and I’ve lost 10 lbs and counting!