Epigenetics: Change The Future of Your Genes

Without a doubt your genes play a pivotal role in your health and wellness, but they may not play as big of a role as we once thought. Just because your parents had X or Y, does not necessarily mean you are destined for the same future. You have a lot more control than you […]

FODMAPS And Your Digestive Health

You’re constantly bloated, you’re always full of gas, you experience constipation or diarrhea, you may even feel fatigue and a foggy brain, so you cut out gluten and dairy thinking this will finally solve your digestive challenges. You may feel slightly better, but definitely not 100%. So you go to your doctor and they give […]

A Sustainable Approach To Nutrition

woman holding plate of food

How many times have you thought… “Hmm, I wonder what Keto is all about? Actually, let me look into “Paleo.” What about Weight Watchers? Maybe South beach is better for me.”  The cycle is always the same: you’re excited and motivated to try a new diet, go out and buy everything you need, print out […]

Four Steps To Women’s Hormone Optimization

Remember last week when you struggled to get through your day because you were so fatigued? Or when your partner wanted to be intimate but you couldn’t be less interested?  You’re not alone, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Let’s not chalk it up to “I’m just getting older, guess I have to […]