David Sinclair’s Top 9 Interviews On Aging In Reverse

Learn everything you need to know about aging from Doctor David Sinclair, best-selling author of the revolutionary book Lifespan: Why We Age — and Why We Don’t Have To!

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Top 9 David Sinclair Videos That’ll Help You Understand Aging

1. Information Theory of Aging

This interview is a very educational piece that focuses primarily on the information theory of aging, a concept created by David Sinclair himself. It has a very broad scope exploring the aging process.

He discusses the science behind aging—what happens to the body as one ages, what you can do to reverse aging, and why you shouldn’t turn back the clock too far on your body even if you could.

David Sinclair also compares the human lifespan with that of other mammals’ such as whales. He discusses how being at the apex of the food chain heavily affects a specific species’ lifespan.

2. Living Longer and Healthier

At Science Unlimited 2019, David Sinclair shared with the audience the importance of living healthier lives. He stated that extending the human lifespan is useless unless you feel healthy all throughout.

He stresses that while modern technology paved the way to curing plenty of diseases that were incurable before the 20th century, it’s still not enough. This made people live longer, but not better.

As a result, human health, the economy, and even the environment take a huge hit from the healthcare needs of humanity. David’s goal is to reduce the overall susceptibility of humans against diseases and, therefore, reducing the need for consistent healthcare while lengthening the human lifespan.

3. Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To

David Sinclair talks about his book, Lifespan: Why We Age — and Why We Don’t Have To, in this interview. Its main premise is that aging is inevitable but there are multiple ways to combat it, from healthy dieting to taking prescription supplements.

The first part breaks down the aging process and what exactly happens when someone grows older. Then, he explains the current advancements science has made which might help humans not only live longer but also healthier in the second part.

Finally, he caps off the entire speech talking about the promising potentials of anti-aging technology. Based on what he said, we can expect a lot of great things to come!

4. A Cure for Aging

Aging and dying are very serious concepts we avoid thinking about.

We try to ignore the fact that our loved ones won’t be around forever. Even David Sinclair told his daughter that she shouldn’t think about death because it shouldn’t happen for a very long time.

Ignorance may be bliss, but in this case, it’s also hampering our abilities to make the most of our lives. If we truly want to reverse aging, David states that we should make active, conscious decisions that would affect our health and well-being.

Just like a disease, you need to take effective drugs and medication to counteract the effects of aging, and David introduces that new concept to us in this video.

5. Aging Is a Medical Condition

The main concept behind David Sinclair’s book, Lifespan: Why We Age — and Why We Don’t Have To, is that aging should be treated as a disease or medical condition. It’s normal and inevitable, but we should change the way we perceive aging if we want to combat its effects.

He stresses that it is the root cause of all major diseases, so if we address the problem of aging, we’ll be able to resolve the majority of other health conditions as well. If we continue on this path of solving one disease at a time, we won’t be getting any closer to the main goal of longevity and better health.

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6. Joe Rogan x David Sinclair

Joe Rogan asks David Sinclair all about what he does, how far he has gone in his research, and what he personally does to look and feel young. He even asks what David Sinclair supplements with.

Death is still inevitable and David cannot stress that enough, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live long and healthy lives. Generally, David works with genetics companies to create an all-around Superdrug that would stop or at least slow down the effects of aging.

The concept here is that all diseases stem from aging, so if you address aging as a disease, you’ll be able to get rid of other life-ending diseases as well.

Apart from that, he discusses the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices, engaging in physical activity, increasing brain power, and even intermittent fasting. In fact, he believes that it’s not what you eat, but rather, when you eat.

7. Joe Rogan x David Sinclair Pt. 2

David Sinclair returns on Joe Rogan’s show to talk about his then newly released book, Lifespan: Why We Age — and Why We Don’t Have To.

The conversation focuses on the possibility of biologically reversing a person’s age through growth hormones and therapy replacements. They even refer to the possibility of being 80 years with the body being biologically 30.

It might seem like a pipe dream, but David and his team are doing everything they can to turn that into a reality.

8. Extending the Lifespan

On this Rich Roll podcast, David Sinclair explains how people can stay young and reverse the signs of aging. Apart from healthy dieting and regular exercise, it’s important to engage in activities that would kick the body’s survival skills into action.

Basically, you have to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. You need to challenge and push the body to maximize its true capacity.

9. Slowing Down the Aging Process

David Sinclair appears on Bulletproof and talks about his new concept: aging is a disease and it should be treated with the necessary drugs. He even stresses that the main cause of all diseases is aging, so we should try to address it as soon as we can.

These videos on David Sinclair are a great introduction for anyone who wants to start learning about the aging process and how it affects them. You’ll learn a lot from his decades’ worth of research and some of the concepts he introduces might actually help you slow down the effects of aging.

Just remember that the goal here isn’t to live forever, because that’s impossible. Rather, it’s to live long and healthily so we can maximize the gift of life—something we truly cannot turn the clock back on.

If you need help reaching out to a medical expert who can assist you to age healthily, LIV Health can help.

Which of these David Sinclair ideas fascinated you the most? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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