How To Keep The Flame Alive In Your Senior Years

Keeping the flame alive is easier than falling in love as long as you and your partner are in it together.

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Keep the Flame Alive No Matter What Age

Why Is Keeping the Flame Alive So Important?

All relationships, no matter how far along they are, will always be constantly at work. Even when you and your partner are in your senior years, relationships will still need some work in order to keep both partners happy and content.

By the time you and your partner reach your senior years, you’ve probably put down a really well-established routine for yourselves. Through courtship, marriage, parenthood, and retirement, you and your partner have made it work and have built a solid foundation for a family.

Solid families need not only love but a routine to follow. Children need to be ferried this way or that. Bills and debts need paying, and the house needs repairs, et cetera.

Next thing you know, your children have all flown the nest and have families and routines of their own.

Keeping the flame alive between you and your partner can help brighten up the rest of your lives together.

Here are a few simple ways to keep the flame alive in your relationship:

1. Don’t Neglect Personal Growth

We can be six years old, or twenty-five, or seventy, but we never really stop growing as people. The world is ever-changing, and so are people’s beliefs, lifestyles, and perspectives.

Always look for ways to better yourself as an individual. While in your senior years you may be pretty set in your ways, it can take as little as taking up a new hobby or listening to new music to cultivate personal growth.

The more you grow and better yourself, the more you can offer in your relationship. When you and your partner grow, your relationship finds new ways to grow as well.

2. Communicate Constantly

Sometimes your growth can be ahead of your partner, or vice versa. You may not always grow at the same time, but as long as you communicate clearly, disparate growth spurts won’t cause a dent in your relationship.

Always discuss new things, and be open with your thoughts. At the same time, you will have to be patient and supportive; keep in mind that loving your partner means supporting what they love.

3. Make Room for New Memories

In your advanced age, it might be easy to think you and your partner have seen, done, and experienced everything the world has to offer. But there are always new things you and your partner can try together or individually.

Take some time away from your daily routine, try out a small adventure, or experiment on something you or your partner have always wanted to try.

Sometimes new memories don’t even have to involve something big and new. It can be as little as sharing a little joke or going through your day’s activities together.

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4. Keep Surprising Each Other

When you and your partner have been together for most of your lives, it may be difficult to find anything to surprise the other. But taking the extra step to surprise your partner anyway can be a gesture of romance or even a thoughtful way to express your love.

It could be flowers, a small gift, breakfast in bed, or surprise tickets to a favorite event. Or it could be a date reliving your very first date, or a surprise dance in the living room to your first ever dance.

Your surprise could even be doing the dishes one night without being told, or a sweet love letter tucked into your partner’s current book!

5. Always Be Thankful

Never forget to let your partner know you appreciate them. Express your gratitude for their support.

One way to express your gratitude is to help them out, not just by offering emotional support, but in the little everyday things like helping out in the house, or even keeping them company as they do their chores.

6. Make Room for Physical Intimacy

In your senior years, it can be tempting to lay back and relax, but physical intimacy should still be ever-present in your relationship.

Not only should you be open to trying new things in bed, but also small physical gestures in everyday life. This can be as simple as making playful eye contact, holding hands, or a kiss on the cheek.

Physical intimacy keeps all of you and your partner’s senses engaged. This way, you can communicate to them that you’re here with them in the present, sharing a moment together.

Any relationship takes work, and making it work well into your senior years is an admirable enough feat. Making it last even longer by keeping the flame alive in your relationship is one way to not only keep in working but to celebrate it as well.

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