5 Reasons Why Spring Cleaning Is Good For Your Health

Spring cleaning is something we all do. Put away the winter clothes, air out your home, and prepare for the upcoming season. But there are more benefits to spring cleaning! Read on to find out more about the health benefits of spring cleaning!

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In this article:

  1. Why Cleaning Is Important
  2. Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning
  3. How to Do Spring Cleaning Effectively


Why Cleaning Is Important

Cleaning is something that we all do, and we all have to do it. Some people don’t really enjoy cleaning, but it is an essential part of our lives.

Spring cleaning is like when your home wakes up from hibernation. Putting away the winter clothes, airing out the house, tending to the garden, etc. Spring cleaning makes people feel better about themselves and about their living area. But did you know that spring cleaning has many benefits than first thought? It can help your immune system and reduce stress. Here are five health benefits of spring cleaning.


Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Better Productivity

Having a tidy and clean living environment improves the mood; therefore, it helps you to be more productive. A cluttered living area can cause a cluttered mind, making it more difficult to focus and get things done.

Better Sleep

Having a clean and tidy bedroom can help you sleep better. Making your bed every morning can also help you sleep better. According to a poll by The National Sleep Foundation, those who change their sheets often sleep better than those who don’t change their sheets.

Improved Immune System

Those who suffer from seasonal allergies can be affected by the dust in their house as well. Spring cleaning can help you get rid of the dust, mildew, and mold that is in your home, which affects the immune system negatively.

Specialists think the pollution in the house can be worse than outdoor pollution. So spring cleaning can help your immune system by getting rid of all the triggering factors in your home.

Reduced Stress

The physical act of cleaning your house can also help you clear your mind. Cleaning is a repetitive act in which you don’t need to overthink, so it helps the brain to destress. After finishing cleaning your house, it can give you the feeling of accomplishment.

Healthier Lifestyle

Good habits lead to better practices. Having a clean living environment is a good habit that might lead to better habits such as eating healthier, working out more, etc.

Seeing a tidy house as soon as you wake up will make you feel better in the morning and can motivate you. According to a study conducted in 2013, it’s been reported that those who have cleaner houses tend to choose healthier food options. Having a clean kitchen might make you want to cook a meal from scratch.

How To Do Spring Cleaning Effectively

Spring cleaning can sound like a lot of work, but you don’t need to finish it all in one day. Take your time and clean one room every day. Organize your belongings and clear all the clutter; throw away the things you have been hoarding. Try a simpler lifestyle – KonMari style is highly recommended. You can even try turning the spring cleaning into a family project!

Kitchen: wash all the windows (inside & out), wash kitchen cabinets, and reorganize. Throw away clutter, clean the fridge.

Bedroom: Wash all the bedding, flip your mattress, and air out all the pillows. Clean the clutter under your bed, in your drawers, and your closet. Donate the clothes you’re not using anymore.

Living Room: Air out the couch cushions, move the furniture to clean underneath. Dust all around the house and try to remove unnecessary decorative items. Remove all seasonal decorations and winter items. Change or wash carpets/rugs if there are any.

Bathroom: Clean your bathroom shelves, wash all the towels, throw away unused products, etc.

House: Go through your books and magazines in your library, donate the ones you no longer read or need. Wash all the curtains in the house, wipe light bulbs, or change them with new ones. Check the batteries of the fire alarm, check the expiration dates on fire extinguishers in the house. Ask your children to go through their toys and pick the ones they do not play with anymore so they can be donated.

With the information and cleaning tips provided in this article, we hope that our readers will have a great time while doing their spring cleaning this year. Keep in mind that spring cleaning is very beneficial for your physical and mental health, so we hope that the tips provided in this article will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Share your opinions with us in the comments section! Tell us how you prepared your house for spring this year!

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