DEFY (de·fy)

verb: to activate your DNA to increase cellular autophagy, combat cellular senescence, and resist aging.


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Take your cellular energy to the next level and reduce biological age with this combination! Together, they promote optimal functioning of your mitochondria and work to prevent and reverse cellular senescence. Defy induces cellular autophagy (the removal of damaged components within your cells), promotes DNA repair, modulates immune cell signaling, increases activity of energy intensive enzymes, and supports anti-aging through activation of sirtuins; nuclear and mitochondrial proteins that regulate cellular homeostasis.

One of my new favorite supplements. I’ve put so much effort to look younger on the outside in my life, these supplements finally make you FEEL younger! I was more energized at work, came home and played games with my kids, had friends over again for dinners. Life changing!!!

Nikki R.

Salt Lake City

What's In The System?

Ageless (3,4-DMC)

Age is just a number. Going above and beyond your typical anti-aging treatment, Ageless gets to work on a cellular level by kickstarting the autophagy process (the removal of old harmful cells in favor of healthy new ones). Ageless contains DMC, a natural compound found in the ashitaba plant that induces the autophagy mechanism in your cells.


Our breakthrough anti-aging supplement promotes cell energy. How, you ask? NMN is shown to increase the production of NAD+, a coenzyme that triggers cell processes to convert food into energy and repair damaged DNA. Just as unrepaired DNA is believed to drive the aging process, NMN supports DNA cell structure to limit the amount of damage and effectively slow the aging process.


Senolytic is your best defense against aging. Our unique formulation provides internal protection by boosting your body’s natural response to harmful senescent cells that accelerate aging, helping to prevent necrosis and optimize essential body functions at the same time.

DHEA 5mg/25mg

Dehydroepiandrosterone, also known as DHEA, is shown to counter the negative effects of the stress hormone, cortisol. Studies have shown that DHEA is involved in a large variety of physiological processes including immune and brain function along with bone and blood lipid metabolism. DHEA levels naturally start to decrease by up to 80% throughout adulthood starting around age 30.