REVIVE (re·vive)

verb: to give your skin new life. Curated to combat and protect against the hallmarks of facial aging.


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This system provides ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. The synergistic combination of both products recreates growth factors and polypeptide growth factors that are found in nutrient dense placenta around the world using a patented fermentation process. In combination, these products drastically reduce the depth in appearance of wrinkles by increasing collagen synthesis and reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines which promote inflammation. The 3 peptides in Trio Cosmetic; leuphasyl, argireline, and GHK-Cu, work together to maintain and repair tissue, leaving you with more firm and thick skin.

I’ve noticed a visible difference in my skin in just a few weeks of taking REVIVE. It looks smoother and brighter overall and I’ve already started to notice more volume to round out my fine lines.


Carly W.

New York City

What's In The System?


Tri-Peptide Cosmetic is a combination blend of Leuphasyl®, Argireline®, and GHK-Cu. One of the hallmarks of aging is facial wrinkling, characterized by folding, furrows, and creasing. The process of developing facial wrinkles is in large part due to changes in collagen production and increased collagen degradation in combination with environmental exposure. One of the most significant environmental contributors to the development of wrinkles is muscle contractions, which cause repetitive facial positioning. Therefore, treatment options that reduce facial muscular contractions and preserve collagen health are most useful to prevent and potentially reverse the rate of development of facial wrinkling. Biochemically, muscles contract due to the neural release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, or chemical that the body uses to signal nerve activation or deactivation. Given this mechanism, BOTOX® has been widely used to combat the progression of facial wrinkling. While BOTOX® is generally a safe and effective treatment option, potentially more reliable options exist in the form of topical cosmeceutical peptides that have Botox-like and signaling mechanisms of action.

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Designed to enhance your skin's natural beauty, the Revival Mask utilizes a potent, age-defying formula that blends clinically proven* ingredients to reveal a more radiant, supple, and smooth complexion. So you can experience a luxurious, anti-aging facial from the comfort of your home. Ideal for all skin types, our youth restoring formula penetrates deep into skin to:
- Reduce the appearance of signs of aging
- Protect from environmental damage
- Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Effectively moisturize for up to 72 hours of soft, hydrated skin