Tiromel: What You Must Know About This Thyroid Hormone

Tiromel is a T3 thyroid hormone drug along with Cytomel. Tiromel results vary from weight loss to an increase in energy.

It is great for hypothyroid patients experiencing fatigue and weight gain. Find out more about this thyroid hormone drug if you’re considering adding it to your thyroid treatment.

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How Does Tiromel Work and Other Thyroid Hormone Facts

1. Manufactured by Abdi Ibrahim

This thyroid hormone drug is distributed by the Abdi Ibrahim company in Turkey. Abdi Ibrahim is run under strict guidelines.

It can almost compete with its European counterparts as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies.

2. Thyroid Hormone Medication

It contains liothyronine sodium. It is a synthetically manufactured thyroid hormone for thyroid hormone replacement.

This thyroid hormone drug can treat hypothyroidism by replacing your T3 to increase T4 levels.

3. Popular Among Bodybuilders

Oddly enough, bodybuilders use this hormone drug. Amateur and professional bodybuilders take Tiromel to stimulate their metabolism and maintain a lower body fat ratio.

4. Stimulates Your Metabolism

Tiromel is a stimulant for your metabolism to help fight symptoms like weight gain due to hypothyroidism. It increases the rate your body converts carbohydrates, protein, and fat into nutrients for your body.

It is highly recommended for hypothyroid patients suffering from symptoms of weight gain. This may help with weight loss as it burns your body’s fat.

5. Replaces T3 Hormones

As a thyroid medication, this thyroid hormone drug is synthetically manufactured to increase T4 levels through the natural T3. It bonds with the thyroid receptors to overstimulate it.

This may lead to an increase in energy output and large amounts of fat burn.

6. For Oral Consumption

It is best to take this drug orally. The normal dosage for Tiromel is only 25mg, but the maximum dosage you can take for this drug is 100mg.

7. Buying Tiromel

Tiromel is available in a lot of online pharmacies and your local pharmacy. Other companies also sell generic forms of this thyroid hormone, but some of them may require a higher dosage compared to Abdi Ibrahim’s Tiromel.

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6 More Facts About Tiromel and Thyroid Hormones

Is Tiromel the right thyroid medication for you? You can decide properly with these facts:

1. There Are Three Kinds of Thyroid Hormones

To better understand the job of Tiromel, you need to learn about the types of thyroid hormones. In general, there are three:

  • Triiodothyronine or T3
  • Tetraiodothyronine (levothyroxine) or T4
  • Calcitonin

Of the three, the first two are the only proper hormones of the thyroid. The last one works with bone formation and calcium absorption.

T3 and T4 are hormones involved in the regulation of vital organs and metabolism. The thyroid glands, which are within the neck region, secrete them.

The body, though, needs to produce the thyroid hormones at optimal levels:

  • If you have thyroid deficiency, then you develop hypothyroidism. Some of the symptoms include hair loss, difficulty in weight loss, and muscle weakness.
  • If they are off the charts, then you may already have hyperthyroidism. You may be prone to excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, and muscle tremors or twitching.

Note: Fluctuating thyroid hormone levels do not cause thyroid cancer. A 2014 study, though, suggests a connection between cancer and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, autoimmune disease, and a common cause for hypothyroidism.

2. The Body Produces a Thyroid Hormone in a Negative Feedback Loop

What is a negative feedback loop? It is a biological reaction to a stimulus that leads to decreased function.

To produce a thyroid hormone, there are two key players:

  • Pituitary gland, which secretes thyroid-stimulating hormones (TSH)
  • Hypothalamus, which releases thyroid-releasing hormones (TRH)

When thyroid hormone levels drop, the hypothalamus then produces TRH. This stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete TSH.

Once the body determines that ideal levels of thyroid hormones, the pituitary gland stops producing TSH. TSH then binds to the thyroids’ epithelial cells, and these “tell the glands” to produce T3 and T4.

Not all hormones circulate around the body. Others bind to plasma proteins to serve as a backup in case hormone levels drop.

In turn, this prevents you from developing hypothyroidism. It also explains why when TSH levels are high, it’s possible you have underactive thyroid glands.

3. There’s a Difference Between T4 and T3

This part will explain why you’ll encounter different types of treatment for thyroid disease or thyroid replacement therapy.

The thyroid glands produce both hormones. Between the two, though, T3 is the more active form.

Many thyroid medications contain thyroxine or T4 to stimulate the production of T3. In turn, this can help correct hypothyroidism.

Tiromel is thus different. It has T3 or liothyronine sodium as its active ingredient.

The question is, which is the better one to take? It all depends on your test results, especially your thyroid panel.

Teams like LIV Health can help you in this area, as well as creating a personalized treatment plan.

So far, no study suggests that combination therapy is better than monotherapy. Still, some scientists believe it warrants further investigation.

4. The Body May Already Feel the Effects in Less Than Three Hours

It usually takes a while before you feel significant effects of a thyroid hormone medication. This can be as long as two weeks or more.

It doesn’t mean changes are not happening within this period. In a 2016 study, thyronine concentrations peaked at 2.5 hours after a single dose.

Within two hours after intake, the body starts suppressing the production of TSH.

5. Tiromel Is a Synthetic Thyroid Hormone

One of the oldest debates when it comes to thyroid treatment is the type of hormone to use. Should it be a natural thyroid hormone or synthetic thyroid hormone like Tiromel?

Natural thyroid hormones are usually natural desiccated thyroid (NDT). Some also call them porcine thyroid since they come from pig thyroid glands.

Most doctors prescribe synthetic thyroid hormone since it’s easy to adjust the dose.

Taking a high dosage of Tiromel, after all, may result in adverse effects. These can include chest tightness, shortness of breath, chest pain, or allergic reaction.

Not everyone, though, responds well to this kind of thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Others also expressed concerns about the intake of synthetic thyroid.

It then leads to the resurging popularity of natural thyroid medications. One study also suggests the patient may lose weight faster with natural than synthetic thyroid hormone.

Dosing, however, may be challenging with natural thyroid hormones. Consistent hormonal imbalance can also harm the body.

Note: Thyroid hormones, regardless of type, may have contraindications for oral hypoglycemics used to treat type 2 diabetes. Anyone taking tricyclic antidepressants may also need to consult their doctor before taking Tiromel.

6. Some People Consume Clenbuterol with Tiromel

Those who want to build muscle mass usually buy steroids, especially anabolic steroids. These make your metabolic rate more efficient to burn more calories.

Some also take clenbuterol (or clen), which is not an anabolic steroid but has similar properties. They also pair it with Tiromel to accelerate fat loss.

Because of contraindications, it’s best not to do it with proper medical advice. It limits further issues with thyroid function.

Bodybuilders use Tiromel for fat burning and athletes for protein conversion, but essentially, it is a drug for thyroid hormone replacement.

It replaces the T3 hormone to promote a faster metabolism and an increase in energy. If you decided to give Tiromel a try, remember to always consult your doctor beforehand and ask for a prescription.

Have you ever tried Tiromel before? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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